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Findx is delighted you discovered findx.social, it's a place that inspires open debate around our online services. We want the place to be a safe and positive place that ensures a pleasant and rewarding experience each time we meet. To live up to the expectations, we need a little from everyone. Please help to achieve the following: Everybody is welcome to participate here. Everyone should be welcoming and nice to other people. Harassment of any kind are not allowed because this is contrary to open sharing, and our moderator is given the teeth to deal with it. Freedom requires, trust, responsibility and some rules. Findx Little Black Book of Wishes for findx.social • Respect the Rules. Feel at home, settle in nicely and stay within the rules. If you feel these are unreasonable, please don’t vanish off the planet. Message @findx and let’s see if the gap can be closed. • Become Involved. Use the forum to discuss Findx services and related topics. Be active here to foster an open debate. Not everybody has to think the same way. Be polite and genuine. • Be Bold and Brave. Being polite to other members does not mean we all have to agree. Continuity is important. Leave your toots, especially after someone else has commented. • Value Other Opinions. We are all here to learn and grow. Debates are richer with a variety of differing opinions. Nobody is too experienced to learn. Hear what everybody has to say, and then decide. • Be Part of the Team. You are needed to keep the forum a safe and positive place. Please report if anything seems odd or strange, or at the slightest sign of harassment or trolling. • Respect the Privilege. Our bucket list includes no spam and no inappropriate posts and actions. Moderators are allowed to remove all posts that violate the norms, and expect compliance.